Who is Calivation?

Business First, Technology Second

Have you ever sat down with a web designer, or a graphic designer, and feel like they are talking an alien language?

Let’s be realistic, I am a business person first, who just happens to know technology and design. I started out just like you. I was a business person that needed to figure out how to sell online and how to market online. After going to networking events to meet more people when I moved to Hawaii (I married a local girl), no one seemed to care about what I was selling, but they all wanted to know how I was marketing online.

Unlike many people in this industry, I started out running my own e-commerce stores. So my perspective comes not from a “design”, or “branding” or other vague concepts other companies use, but how can I take a visitor from, just a visitor, to a paying customer. In fact, I still run one small e-commerce store to this day.

My business background comes from working at some of the largest companies in the world including eBay, PayPal, Capital One Financial and Gateway Computers.

My goal is to help understand your business, and figure out how the money you are spending on digital can bring money in the door. I have worked with young entrepreneurs, to multi-location business owners to retirees looking to make money from their 30 years of experience. I try and be transparent in all that I do with a customer, in as a non-technical way as possible.

Do you want to do things different? Do you want your website to help your business, not cost you business? Then please reach out to me and see how we can work together.