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Dr. Scott Takiguchi has run a very successful dental practice for longer than I have known him. Not only is Dr. Scott a very talented and caring Dentist, but his daughter Dr. Ashley has followed in the family footsteps and become a Dentist as well. After developing her practice at other Honolulu Dentists, she decided to join her fathers practice to expand Takiguchi Dental Group.

Because there was a need to market the practice for Dr. Ashley, it was decided to create a website for the first time. This would make it easier for customers to find phone numbers, directions and even request reservations. In addition, the website would allow the dentists to showcase their awards as being top dentists in Honolulu.

With this goal in mind, we created a friendly, inviting website with a very Hawaii feel, showcasing all the information a potential customer and prospect would need to make contact. And if you are wondering, yes, they are my dentist and I highly recommend them.

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