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Kathy Chaffee Groff is a restaurant consultant with over 30 years of experience in a variety of restaurants and roles in those restaurants as well as part of the Washington Hospitality Association Consulting Network. Over the last 10 plus years, she has consulted with restaurants all along the western United States and Hawaii.

I first met Kathy through a mutual client. Kathy was approaching retirement and I discussed the idea of taking her experience and putting it into a shareable format. She could still consult to clients but this allowed her to monetize her experience in a format that was easy for restaurant managers and owners to buy, but would also not require a lot of Kathy’s time.

I worked with Kathy for an end to end solution. We set up an e-commerce website that automatically delivers the files upon purchase from the site. In order to keep things as simple as possible, as well as keep cost of ownership low, we used the Shopify platform paired with Fetch App to handle digital delivery.

I also worked with Kathy to develop the sales funnel using free ebooks and a series of follow up emails to warm clients to Kathy. We handled this using the MailerLite platform.

An additional benefit was her old website was not mobile friendly. This not only brought Kathy’s website current, but allowed her to take advantage of her long presence on the web. Because the website is not hard coded, it is easy for her to add and change things.

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