Consumer Service Analysis

A Case Study
Consumer Service Analysis - Case Study

Noelle Congdon is the CEO of a Mystery Shopping/Secret Shopping company in Hawaii. Noelle’s original site was built many years ago as a straight HTML and CSS site. While she didn’t necessarily have issues with it, there were several flaws we were able to fix and expand upon to help sell the business.

The first thing we had to deal with people understanding what Mystery Shopping is, and how her company could help you. We decided the best way to do this was to create an explainer video that detailed the value she could bring to her potential customers.

After finalizing and rendering the video, we placed it right in the most valuable spot on the website right below the header on the home page. We provided a strong call to action with a button right below the video. The new website maintained the color scheme of her brand but streamlined the information for customers as well as potential shoppers that wanted to work with Noelle.

Even after providing all these benefits, we created the site in a content management system to allow easy updates by Noelle which was not possible with her old site. We also installed an SSL certificate to convey trust and help with rankings.

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